Determinants of Opportunity Recognition in the Pattern of Agricultural Tech Startups in Northern Provinces of Iran

صفحه 65-75
Mohammad Okhli؛ Hossein Didehkhani؛ Mohammad Sharif Sharifzadeh؛ Seyed Mohammad Reza Hosseini


Identifying the Influence of Livelihood Indicators on Social Participation among Rural Farmers in Eastern Kogi State, Nigeria

صفحه 77-82
Mathew Edoka؛ Ufedo Shaibu


Resource Use Efficiency Andmisery of Sweet Potato Production Window into Financial Surplus for Households in Delta State, Nigeria

صفحه 83-89
Theophilus Miebi Gbigbi


The Role of Training, Extension and Education Facilities on Production Efficiency of Rice Growers in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh

صفحه 91-98
Md. Shajedur Rahaman؛ Sadika Haque؛ Md Abdur Rouf Sarkar؛ Mou Rani Sarker؛ Md Abu Bakr Siddique


Identifying Effective Solutions in the Field of Environmental Protection (case study Naghadeh Township)

صفحه 99-107
Babak Valizadegan؛ Solieman Rasouliazar؛ Loghman Rashiedpour


Profitability Analysis and Constraints to Pepper (Capsicum Sp) Marketing in Ijumu Local Government Area, Kogi State, Nigeria

صفحه 109-114
Ufedo Shaibu؛ Felix O. Oyibo؛ Stephen Ibitoye

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