Evaluation of SMC Synchronous Motor Using Soft Magnetic ‎Compounds and Direct Fuzzy Torque Control ‎

صفحه 1-6
Hossein Refahi


A Review of Outliers: Towards a Novel Fuzzy Method for Outlier Detection ‎

صفحه 7-17
Arash Mazidi؛ Fahimeh Roshanfar؛ Vahid Parvin Darabad


Heat Transfer Analysis and Estimation of CHF in Vertical Channel ‎

صفحه 18-23
K. Dolati Asl؛ E. ‎ Abedini‎؛ Y. Bakhshan‎؛ A. Mohammadi Karachi‎؛ R. Hamidi Jahromi


Improved Structure Design of a Single Phase Multilevel Inverter with ‎the Aim of Reducing Switching Devices ‎

صفحه 24-30
A. Seifi؛ M. Hoseinpour؛ M. DejamKhoy؛ F. Sedaghati


Peak Electric Load and Related Damages Reduction with the Use of ‎Cooling Ceramics

صفحه 31-36
A. SharifYazdi‎؛ J. Mirjalili‎؛ S. Salehi


Fault Diagnosis Operator in Linear Fractional Order Singular Systems ‎Using Singular Observer and Unknown Input

صفحه 37-40
F. PourDadashi Komachali؛ M. Shafiee


Optimal Sizing and Location of Distributed Generation Units to ‎Improve Voltage Stability and Reduce Power Loss in the Distribution ‎System

صفحه 41-47
M. Kazeminejad؛ M. Ghaffarianfar؛ A. Hajizadeh


A New Method for the Residues Cost Allocation and Optimization of a ‎Cogeneration System Using Evolutionary Programming ‎

صفحه 48-60
S.M. Seyyedi

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