The role of carburization temperature on the molybdenum carbide surface and their catalytic activity

صفحه 91-97
Femi Francis Oloye


A strategy for degradation of 2,5-dichlorophenol using its photoelectrocatalytic oxidation on the TiO2/Ti thin film electrode

صفحه 99-108
Ebrahim Zarei


2-Aminoethanesulfonic acid immobilized on epichlorohydrin functionalized Fe3O4@WO3 (Fe3O4@WO3-EAE-SO3H (III)): A heterogeneous and reusable nanocatalyst for synthesis of α,α'-bis (substituted-benzylidene) cycloalkanones in solvent-free conditions

صفحه 109-120
Hanieh Karimzadegan؛ Batool Akhlaghinia؛ Maryam Sadat Ghasemzadeh


Optimization and modeling of photocatalytic degradation of Direct Blue 71 from contaminated water by TiO2 nanoparticles: Response surface methodology approach (RSM)

صفحه 121-132
Mohamadreza Massoudinejad؛ Mohsen Sadani؛ Zeinab Gholami؛ Zeinab Rahmati؛ Masoume Javaheri؛ Hassan Keramati؛ Mansour Sarafraz؛ Moayed Avazpour؛ Sabah Shiri


Optimizing the vacuum gas oil hydrocracking process temperature in the presence of Ni-Mo/γ-Al2O3-SiO2 catalyst

صفحه 133-145
Ehsan Taghizadeh Yusefabad؛ Ahmad Tavasoli؛ Yahya Zamani


Non-oxidative conversion of methane to aromatics over modified zeolite catalysts by transitional metals

صفحه 147-154
Elmira Yaghinirad؛ Hassan Aghdasinia؛ Ali Naghizadeh؛ Aligholi Niaei


Nano-peanut shell-OSO3H: Green and natural-based renewable nanocatalyst for one-pot synthesis of dihydropyrano[3,2-b]chromenedione derivatives

صفحه 155-162
Bahareh Sadeghi؛ Zahra Lasemi؛ Mansooreh Pisheh Abadi


Synthesis of spirooxindole derivatives catalyzed by Fe (III)@graphitic carbon nitride nanocomposite via one-pot multi-component reaction

صفحه 163-171
Ali Allahresani؛ Bahare Taheri؛ Mohammad Ali Nasseri


Acacia concinna pod catalyzed synthesis of 2-arylbenzothia/(oxa)zole derivatives

صفحه 173-179
Rahul Bhat؛ Shrikrishna Karhale؛ Satyanarayan Arde؛ Vasant Helavi


Spotlight: Application of natural catalysts in the synthesis of organic compounds

صفحه 181-183
Maryam Sadat Ghasemzadeh

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