Blood, Milk and Meat Vitamin D in the Dromedary Camel

صفحه 585-595
M. El Khasmi؛ B. Faye


The Effect of Graded Levels of Crude Glycerin in BRS Capiaçu Grass Silage: Fermentation Profile and Bromatological Composition

صفحه 597-602
M.C.A. Silva؛ N.M. Costa؛ J.P.S. Rigueira؛ D.L.S. Jesus؛ N.B.S. Silva؛ W.S. Silva Filho؛ J.T. Silva؛ J.J.S. Araújo؛ V.R. Rocha Júnior؛ D.D. Alves؛ J.M.A. Chamone؛ F.P. Monção


Determination of Nutritive Value of Soybean Varieties Using in vitro Methods and Gas Production Technique

صفحه 603-608
T. Ayasan؛ M. Boga؛ M. Baylan؛ S. Ergul؛ H. Kutay؛ S. Naeim Saber؛ C. Mizrak؛ P. Cubukcu


Effect of Cut and Irrigation Water Quality on Chemical Composition and in situ Rumen Degradability of Alfalfa

صفحه 609-615
M. Ghadami؛ A. Teimouri Yansari؛ Y. Chashnidel


Effect of Forage Feeding Level on Body Weight, Body Condition Score, Milk Production, and Milk Urea Nitrogen of Holstein Cows on an Organic Diet

صفحه 617-624
M. Sharifi؛ A.A. Khadem؛ B.J. Heins؛ R. Pahlavan؛ J. Mosavi؛ M. Safdari


Effect of Feeding of Various Types of Soybean Meal and Differently Processed Barley Grain on Performance of High Producing Lactating Holstein Dairy Cows

صفحه 625-633
A. Khatibi Shahri؛ M. Danesh Mesgaran؛ D. Zahmatkesh


Effect of Roasted Soybean and Canola Seeds on Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors Gamma (PPARG) Gene Expression and Cattle Milk Characteristics

صفحه 635-642
M. Ahsani؛ M.R. Mohammadabadi؛ M. Asadi Fozi؛ A. Esmailizadeh Koshkooieh؛ A. Khezri؛ O. Ivanivna Babenko؛ M. Vitaliivna Bushtruk؛ S. Vasyliovych Tkachenko؛ R. Volodymyrivna Stavetska؛ N. Ihorivna Klopenko


Milk Yield and Blood Metabolite Profile in Late Pregnancy in Lori Ewes Receiving Diets Containing Undegradable Protein Sources

صفحه 643-650
R. Koushki؛ H. Mansoori Yarahmadi؛ M. Khaldari؛ J. Fakhraei؛ K. Karkoodi


Genetic Analysis of Ewe Productivity Traits in Baluchi Sheep

صفحه 651-657
M. Jafaroghli؛ A. Safari؛ A.A. Shadparvar؛ N. Ghavi Hossein-Zadeh


An Investigation on Population Structure and Inbreeding of Sangsari Sheep

صفحه 659-667
M. Mirzaee Ilaly؛ S. Hassani؛ M. Ahani Azari؛ R. Abdollahpour؛ S. Naghavian


Effect of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in IGF-1R Gene on Growth Rate Traits in Makooei Sheep

صفحه 669-675
M. Pasandideh؛ G. Rahimi؛ V. Hemati


Effects of Different Toxin Adsorbents on the Amount of Diazinon Residue in White Grape Pomace and Milk Production and Composition and Toxin Residues in Mohabadi Lactating Goats

صفحه 677-685
B. Pourmahmoud؛ R. Pirmohammadi؛ H. Khalilvandi Behroozyar


Allelic and Genotypic Distribution in Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) G.676A > G of Melanocortin-1 Receptor (MC1R) Gene in Indonesian Goat Breeds

صفحه 687-692
D. Maharani؛ S. Elieser؛ I.G.S. Budisatria؛ A. Batubara؛ D.N.H. Hariyono؛ A.P.Z.N.L. Sari


Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Aspergillus Xylanase on Broiler Chickens Performance

صفحه 693-708
C.E. Oyeagu؛ V. Mlambo؛ V. Muchenje؛ U. Marume


Effect of Replacing Dietary FeSO4 with FeHPO4 Nanoparticles on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Tissue Iron Content in Broilers

صفحه 709-716
M.A. Behroozlak؛ M. Daneshyar؛ P. Farhoomand؛ A. Nikoo


The Effect of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Extract in Comparison to Antibiotic on Growth Performance, Intestinal Morphology, Ileal Microflora, Antioxidant Status and Meat Quality of Broilers

صفحه 717-725
M. Salarmoini؛ A. Salajegheh؛ M.H. Salajegheh؛ M. Afsharmanesh


Substitution Effect of Noug Seed (Guzoitia abyssinica) Cake with Various Levels of Samma (Urtica simensis) Leaf Meal on Egg Production and Egg Quality Parameters of Commercial Layer Hens

صفحه 727-735
A. Melesse؛ G. Ganebo؛ A. Abebe


Effect of Different Levels of Sunflower Meal and Niacin on Performance, Biochemical Parameters, Antioxidant Status, and Egg Yolk Cholesterol of Laying Hens

صفحه 737-746
P. Baghban-Kanani؛ H. Janmohammadi؛ A.R. Ostadrahimi


Egg Iron Enrichment in Response to Various Levels of Pomegranate by-Product in Laying Hen Diet

صفحه 747-754
A.A. Saki؛ T. Shamsollah؛ A. Ashoori


Effects of Dietary Crude Protein Level and Stocking Density on Growth Performance, Nutrient Retention, Blood Profiles, and Carcass Weight of Growing-Meat Quails

صفحه 755-762
W. Boontiam؛ S. Sangsoponjit؛ A. Klompanya

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